Routine turned into Emergency

Today…… What a DAY!

It is devastating when a child anywhere gets poorly and is unaware of the potential severity, today we were scheduled for an MRI and again thank you to the Deputy CEO but something’s are just not that easy.

We came on to the ward a little earlier than scheduled and we were showed to our room. You could feel the ambience change as the healthcare professionals (Secretary Inc) were staring into my soul because of how I pushed this through the system for my boy. The familiar to us came and said hello and made us feel a little more at ease. Shortly afterwards all the prep was complete other than the sedation! First oral Chloral Hydrate, bless the nurse wasn’t the best with kids but showed determination pumping the full syringe in to my boys mouth expecting him to swallow what was already seeping from the corners of his mouth, the remainder was nicely spat out over the bed. 4-5 minutes afterwards my boy was ready and asleep everyone made aware by myself but that was to easy, although confirmed by me that he would stay asleep as he was already wiped out from the hunger of the day they decided to pump Intravenous Midazolam to ensure he was not going to wake up ……. Well! His stats started to fall and he struggled to breath, them previously burning eyes were now running round to make what was wronged right. The finer details I will keep to myself but the sheer shock of these practices are out rageous, surely it can’t be medical practice to sedate a 4 year old twice in the space of 15 minutes…..?

#medicalneglegence #overkill



2 minutes to 12

Lay in bed thoughts running through my head at 2 minutes to 12. First thought how do I make my son better? Second thought how do i adapt to the situation? Third thought why does everyone snore in this house …..?


Simple and sweet I know.


👤 Rio 👤

The Power Of A Single Tweet

Yesterday I tweeted out my devastation that I had to keep chasing the hospital for a date for my son’s urgent MRI, when they finally booked it they booked it conflicting with another urgent appointment at a hospital over 50 miles away! Shock horror this is the NHS.

Below is the tweet I sent out:


Later on that night I had a message from the gentleman I attached into the conversation who happened to be the Deputy CEO of the hospital asking me to call him. Today I made that call explained the situation and within 45 minutes he called me back with an appointment for tomorrow.

As positive and as thankful as I am for the D-CEO’s help I am frustrated it took me to post a message on social media to get the attention and the result it requires from the consultants.

Thank you again but sorry this is the world we live in.

👤 Rio 👤


Since my son fell ill on Christmas day, we have received well wishes and prayers in abundance. Not practicing any religion ourselves shows us there is still humility in all corners of the world, this gives us hope!

Each day my son tells me “I’m getting better soon” sometimes twice a day and I whole heartily believe him. I once read a book called The Hidden Messages Of The Subconcious Mind while on operational tour in Afghanistan, this book well and trully opened my mind to a new way of thinking. What if all we need to do is tell our bodies to get better and they somehow fix themselves, yes I know what your think “Medical Mastermind” but seriously I recently read a book called The Secret which confirmed my beliefs about the natural way of thinking. “A positive thought attracts another after all”.

So I say to you try, speak to your body tell it to heal but believe this, don’t question it…. BELIEVE.


👤 Rio 👤

Consumed by irrelevance

Everyday we are consumed by irrelevance and as you look through history this has always been progressive. I think it would be safe to say “Every era has had it’s faults”.

So in a bitter sweet world we would see random acts of kindness, love, prosperity and equality, in the real world we see division, desperation and dilusion. Ask yourself how far are we willing to go? Here’s an example: your children are they even yours anymore? You are dictated and restricted by councils and governments on how you raise your children. They miss school it’s a fine, they turn up with a bruise it’s written in a book and passed to child services, they can not climb trees on the park as it’s a safety hazard, the good old conkers game is banned as most other things. Here’s another: Every one is a racist …. need I say more?

I’m worried for the future generations to come, this kind of suppression can only be met with devastation down the line and yes before you say it,  I am for current progression! We have seen some ground-breaking movements within society that have made the world we live in a more accepting place for all. I’m just concerned that what may seem like miniscule changes are actually a chained affect whirl wind that is slowly taking our everyday rights away from us.

What are your thoughts?

👤 Rio 👤

Christmas Day will never be the same again …

Christmas Eve 2017, I put my then 3 year old son to bed a perfect, beautiful, healthy boy.  Christmas Day that changed! We woke up early walked down stairs and we started opening our Christmas presents. I took a picture of my son opening a present and  he jumped up with a scared look and started shaking! My first reaction was take hold and pick him up, his body still shaking in my arms I lay him down, as I was lowering him down I notice my beautiful boys lips were turning blue and my heart stopped, his eyes wide open staring out as if all he wanted was my help! My Wife called the ambulance and said to me the ambulance was on its way, the 10 minutes it took felt like an hour, the paramedics rolled in picked up my boy and rushed him to hospital.

Hours later the doctor tells us “your son had a seizure, medically we’re not worried you can go home” we went home and a week passed and we agreed with the doctor. The week following our little boy was rushed back into hospital due to having consecutive seizures and pro longed seizures every day following, we requested an MRI every day and the consultants said “it’s not a priority”, we finally got to the point where we threatened the consultant to go private and make them pay if they found anything on the scan! Finally they labelled it as urgent (RELIEF…. ) If only I knew I would be chasing for over a week for the hospital to send an appointment that is conflicting with an urgent EEG….

I want my boy better why don’t the NHS….?

Rogue Calls


We have all had them, 0100,0130,0200 and every ten minutes after that’s for the rest of our lives  ….. dam ppi, dam accident people, block number lists over flowing then your mobile rings and it’s “I believe you have been in an accident within the past past 3 years”. You think you have friends for all of about 2 seconds until you get past hello. You bite down hard on your fist containing  your anger and slowly press that read button! In and out, ahhh relief “ring ring” unknown number. Them mother “BEEPs”.